Mild Hydrochloric Acid

So, this entry is basically a summary for the week.

I took the pressure washer to the deck. It got a lot of the loose stuff off. It revealed a fairly clean deck. A couple days later, I took some “On and Off” hull and bilged cleaner to the deck, full strength. Lo and behold, there is a white deck underneath that beige/yellow looking surface!! This “On and Off” is great. It is basically mild hydrochloric acid with oxalic acid. The thing is starting to look like a real boat. I will post pictures tomorrow.

So, after the deck, I took the same stuff to the hull. Cleaned it a bit, but it wont completely take off the smears from the attempt to clean the oil with adhesive remover on the starboard side. I will probably have to do a light sanding to get that off.

Yesterday, I started removing the unistrut from the interior that the previous owner had installed. I was able to uncover the floors amidships. It turns out the floor joists have about 50% of the fiberglass tabbing peeled away. The floor and the joists also have some rotting. So, this will all have to come out. Oh well, at least we can say there should be “no more surprises” ;-).

We are both excited about this project… still!

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