Grinding and Cleanup

So the last week or so as seen mostly fiberglass grinding. Grinding off the remnants of the floor tabbing. There was one change of plan that did happen…

The original plan was to remove the fore and aft flooring and clean the hull while keeping the center section in place because it provided a nice flat work environment. Well, it turns out that grinding the hull with an 8 inch grinder and a 36 grit disc generates a LOT of dust. That dust just gets EVERYWHERE, even if you try and tent off sections of the boat. Well, since the plan was to remove the center flooring sooner or later, it made sense to do it SOONER and clean up the mess once instead of LATER and clean up twice (and it does take a lot to cleanup, even with the luxury of hosing down the inside of the hull).

So, we tore out the center section flooring.

There are still some areas that need to be spot polished, but we should be done with the 8 inch grinder (that thing is HEAVY). Any more grinding we can do with the small 4 1/2 inch grinder.

This pretty much marks the END of cleaning up the boat before we actually start BUILDING. Again, more spot polishing needs to be done, but it is fairly minor.

The next major work items for the boat itself will be
– begin shaft work (shaft log, bearing, glass in aqua-drive mounts)
– work out bilge pump strainers
– resolve surface lamination in bilge over keel (some of it is peeling or delaminating, should not be a big deal as it is not part of the hull)

We probably wont get to this very soon as we first need to…
– work out a fiberglass shaft log design (dont think we will go with bronze)
– do some trial runs of resin infusion in the garage for practice
– (continue to) work on CAD designs for boat systems and interior layout (exactly how much detail we should go is anyones guess).

You can see the latest design here.
You can see the latest pictures of the hull interior here.

Thats all for now!

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