Bow Thruster Tube Installation, Part I

This weeks work on the WestSail saw a couple things…

Cut the holes for the bow thruster tube. Cutting big holes in the side of a boat always feels a bit surreal. Took a sawzall with a fiberglass/ceramic cutting blade and did a rough cut. Trimmed the holes with the sawzall and grinder until the tube fit through as square and level as possible. Cutting and fitting the holes took about two hours.

Next, took the grinder to the inside of the hull and roughed up about 4-5 inches around the holes to prep for lamination. Then, took the grinder with a 36 grit pad and ground away the outer gelcoat, mat, veil, mat down to the first layer of roving, tapering out about 4-5 inches beyond the edge of the hole. It should be noted that the hull is 1 inch thick here, solid glass and resin.

Other things this weekend. Laid lines for the forward bulkheads using my “square” tool and the self-leveling laser square, which makes for quick and easy plotting of lines.

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