Bow Thruster Tube Installation Part II

We had dry weather with moderate temperatures this past weekend. It was just the right conditions to glass in the bow thruster tube on the Westsail. Floors and bulkheads in the forward section were waiting on this step as a bulkhead is to be located just inches forward of the thruster tube. Installing it wouldhave made the glassing in of the tube more difficult.

First step was to fill any significant gaps between the cutout and the tube. This was filled with a thick mish-mash of resin and milled fiberglass.

Next, glassing was done on the inside. Three layers of 17oz 45/45 roving knitted with CSM was tabbed between the tube and the hull.

Finally, on the outside, four layers of same kind of glass were overlaid around the ends of the tube, up against the hull. Each one feathering outward an inch greater than the previous, overall reaching out about 5 inches fromthe edge of the cutout.

The final step will be to cut the sides, fair it, and round over the inside edge of the tube. There may be one more layer of glass + viel that will go on just before the fairing is done. With the glassing on the inside done, however, foward bulkhead installation can resume.

Other things that happened this weekend:

  • configured dust collector ducting into the garage.
  • installed another work light inside the boat
  • installed two coiled reel extention cords in the boat fore and aft.

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