Coming Home

So, I have not made many entries these past few weeks and for a good reason. The Westsail came home to it’s new space next to the garage. We had always been debating if it would be better for it to be home and wether there would be enough room for it. Well, certain external events (which I wont go into here) suggested that if we were going to move it home, we should do it now. So we did.

The last couple weekends were spent preparing the site next to the garage. This included
– setting back a fence about 25 feet to make room for the stern.
– removing about 4 or 5 inches of grass and dirt of the newly exposed area
– filling it in with about 4 tons of gravel

Much of this was done with the assistance of a small excavator rental. Just seeing me try to operate this thing was an adventure in and of itself. Trying to learn the controls that operate the backhoe was quite amuzing. This while trying to maneuver the thing on its dual tracks. In the end it wasnt too bad as I only ended up

– taking out a piece of trim out of the corner of the house.
– popped the new fence out of one if it’s fence brackets
– finally breaking an already rotting old fencepost.
– torqued the gas meter without causing a natural gas leak.

We purchased a set of stands and contacted a local boat hauler with a hydraulic trailer to pick it up from the boat yard and make the 5 minute trek across town to our driveway. Other than the tedium of loading and unloading on the trailer, things went pretty smooth and she is tucked in quite close the the garage.

Once there we built a temporary fence around the boat (based on concrete piers) to hide the inevitable stuff that will accumulate below the boat. Followed by a set of stairs to get aboard.

Having her home will be good in that I will be able to spend a couple of hours on her after work. Especially during the summer hours. Also, no more getting to the boat yard only to realize that I forgot an important tool or part having to go back home and get it. Despite being 5 minutes away, it can be very frustrating when this happens.

So, next up is reconfiguration the dustcollection system to allow ducting into the boat. Also, need to wire in a new 20 amp circuit in the garage with an outlet leading next to the boat. After that, real boat construction can continue .

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