Thruster Tube Part III + Floor Timbers and Bulkheads

Another sunny, if somewhat chilly weekend. The Westsail got more work done to her than I had planned this weekend (hope that continues!)

Cut off the ends of the thruster tube and started grinding to shape the edges. There will be a slight flare of the tube on the leading edge to help deflect away water flow from hitting the rear inside of the tube. In turn the rear part of the tube and hull behind will not be flush with the original hull skin. This to reduce the flat surface of the inside tube that faces forward. All of this to help reduce drag. Started the “rough” fairing by using high-strength v/e filler to give things a rough shape. The final step will be to put a layer of CSM and veil glass over the whole area, followed by some fairing compund, then, grind/sand it smooth.

Cut, shaped and tacked in more floor timbers and lower bulkheads up forward. All planned for the forward section are now in place and installation of the aft ones have started. This at least will enable me to put temporary plywood flooring up forward. No more twisting me ankles trying to walk on the sides of the hull! Note, these are not being glassed in just yet. They are tacked in with adhesive. Once the fore/aft/center sections are in, I will hold a “resin and glass” party on some warm weekend (or week) this summer to tab-in and glass over everything. Be sure to invite your friends!

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