Smooth Bilges

Well, my wife said she wanted “smooth bilges”. Why? “Because they are easier to clean!” So, there, you heard it! She volunteered to clean the bilges!

When we last left the bilges, it was after the keel repair (84 gallons of resin infused in the keel). The plywood/glass “top” was cut out and it was roughly faired with resin/milled fibers. Smoothing the bilges needs to be done before the floors can be permanently installed. The picture shows the aft bilge. The right is where the engine room is. Left is the aft cabin. Now this job had been made a bit difficult with the wet weather and the remaining leaks in the hull/deck joint (which I am still chasing down). The upside is that every pool of water highlighted where to fill. We finally got some dry days after that last “hurricane” that went through here. So what you see here is, from the bottom up…
  1. steel ballast
  2. thick resin/milled fiberglass
  3. Ground off tips and sharp edges
  4. thick resin/high density ballons/a little milled fiberglass
  5. Ground off tips and sharp edges
  6. 3M V/E filler (with micro glass beads)
  7. Sand smooth with D/A, 80 grit
  8. two layers of glass
Fore section of the bilge has already been done (I’ll cover that in another post). Middle section will be done when the floor is ready there.
Anyways, floors in the aft section can now proceed.
This area will probably get another layer of glass when the engine mounts go in.

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