Forward Head Floors and Re-Leveling

Floors for the forward head are IN! As with the aft floors, it is foam shaped and bonded to the hull with Corebond and three layers of 17oz glass over it.

Also the first pieces of the primary bulkheads (between the engine room and aft cabin) that were set it a week or so ago, were tabbed in permanently. Four layers of glass, each leg feathered out to 6 inches in 1 inch increments, over a 1 inch fillet. Primary bulkheads are 1 1/2″ Coosa board.

I also took tick-stick measurements for the aft-most bulkhead on the Westsail. In this case it is the one on the center of the mizzen mast that separates the aft cabin from the aft head. After I plugged them into the computer I noticed things were a bit cock-eyed. I noticed a similar thing on the previous set of mesurements for which I compensated for when I cut and fitted the bulkheads. I just though it was due to inaccuracies of the measurement taking. Well, this time we were more careful, and things were still cock-eyed. So that immediately brought into question the side-to-side level of the hull. I re-checked it and sure enough she was listing to port by about one degree.

Now, one degree does not sound like a lot, but, if you think about it, any measurement where you are “expecting” things to be level becomes more critical as you get further away from the centerline. These tick-stick measurements are the furthest measurements one can take on the hull (up to 6.5 feet from the centerline, 13 foot beam).

Whereas before I used one of those “water levels” amidships with the hull scribed waterline as the reference, this time I used two of them, one fore and one aft. Since this is the side-to-side level measurement, adjusting is easy as you simply need to crank up and down the screwjacks on each of the stands.

Now, as far as the fore-aft level, I know the bow is pitched up slightly. I tried to level the blocks as best as possible before the truck brought the boat in. For construction, the fore-aft level is not as critical as side-to-side. When using the spirit level along the centerline, letting the bubble “favor” the bow is probably compensation enough. However, if I really wanted to get the fore-aft level, I could try to find a hydraulic jack for rent that could raise the stern a bit. It would need about 20,0000 lb capacity. Dunno, I will have to think about that.

With all that said, I devised a yet-more-advanced tick-stick technique involving a laser-distance measurer. More on that later this week.

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