Bilges are Done!

This weekend I removed the main salon temporary floors, to get down in the bilge to finish the glasswork. Recall that, with the keel repair a year ago, the plywood/fiberglass atop the bilge had to be removed. To reseal it, it was covered by a thick mix of resin and milled fiberglass. This left sharp edges and things a bit unfair.

So, to finish things up, I took a grinder to the top of bilge in order smooth off the sharp edges and try to get things somewhat fair. Then, after thorough acentone clean, filled and smoothed over any divets with filler, and covered it with two layers of glass, each extending up the sides 3 and 6 inches.
Laminating large pieces of glass like this is a big PITA. Not to mention, messy.Materials are on order for the final main salon floor installation. Hopefully this weekend.

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