Aquadrive/Final Drive is IN!

…with the mounts compressed to recommended tightness. I had to remove a couple shims and flatten the back of the stern tube a bit (with a file) to get things precisely aligned. But the shaft now free-spins on it’s cutless bearing, indicating minimal resistance, a good indicator of proper alignment. The mounting plate was painted with bilgekote and the thrust bearing and shaft coupler were painted with a more durable engine paint (Volvo green, they gotta look nice ya know!).

This area wont be touched again until engine and prop selection has been made. Whereupon the final items are
  • new prop shaft machined
  • Aquadrive extension shaft (custom length with CV joints)
  • goop up the stern tube with sealant and install permanently
  • install shaft seal
  • install propeller
Most will be done just before splash-down.

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  1. Anonymous
    July 18, 2007 at 1:02 pm


    I have been watching your boat building progress for about a year and am very impressed with your workmanship. The drive installation looks very impressive!!

    Jay Bietz
    WS32 Pygmalion #567

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