Forward Bulkheads and Galley

Forward Bulkheads are In!
Well, glued in permanently at least. Weather is still a bit too cold to be playing with resin and glass for the tabbing right now (in a month or two). You may recall me musing some months ago about the best way to install these. I decided, since we wanted pocket doors in the forward compartments, the bulkheads would be pieced in three sections. The ends, which mate to the hull, are 1 1/2″ pieces. And, the center pieces is/will be 3/4″ and joined to the outer pieces. This should leave enough room for a flush pocket door up to 3/4″ plus the necessary hardware. While the center 3/4″ pieces should have enough strength to mount hardware that will bear some loads we have planned (more on that later).

Work Surface
With the bulkheads set in, we now have structure to set up a badly needed temporary work surface (second picture, white countertop). Nothing is worse than tripping over and constantly moving the tools and items that naturally accumulate in the boat.

Galley Mockup
With the bulkheads between the main and forward salon installed, the opportunity has arisen to mock up the galley section (third picture). The vertical supports were rough cut a bit oversize (anticipating minor final adjustments) and tacked in with hot glue, spaced according to the design. Plywood was set over the top to simulate the counter. Now, we can get a real-world feel for the size of things that CAD and 3-D modelling just can’t give you. So far, things are looking pretty much as anticipated. The mock up has reinforced that the refrigerator/ice box will have all the capacity we could ever need (after dealing with a teeny-tiny one on our 28 footer). One of the decisions this will help with is how far to set back the above-counter cabinet faces. Setting them flush with the cabin side will tend to make the galley feel small (and reduce counter space). Setting them too far back could make them impractical for storage.

(Apologies for the dirty camera lens)
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