Infusion Success: We Have A Rudder

With much anticipation, the infusion process pretty much went without a hitch. There were a couple of dry spots that the “basketball needle” easily fixed (great idea, thanks Marty), otherwise a perfect infusion. The first picture here is before vacuum. It is about 9:30 am, about 70 degrees F and it is quickly getting warm outside.

Rudder Infusion.

Here, vacuum is on and resin is flowing. Full wet-out took about an hour. Resin was catalyzed at 2%. At about three hours after infusion started, the peak cure temperatures reached about 230 degrees F. In this picture I am fixing the one elusive leak I could not find during pre-launch.

Last picture is later that afternoon. Resin cured, and the bagging, peel-ply and flow medium has been removed. Note the carnage from the bag removal lying underneath. At this point, the rudder is now “laminated”. It has some rough edges, bumps and divets that will be ground and faired. That is the next step.

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