Inpromptu Glasswork

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The galley cabinet sides and supports have been tack glued in for some time now (about two months), waiting to be permanently glassed in. But the temperature has simply been too cold to be working with resin (30s-low 40s). Ideally you don’t want it colder than 50 degrees F. Well, this last weekend things warmed up a bit. Not quite above 50, but with the help of a small space heater I got it up to 55 degrees. Good enough for glassing.

As we have all supplies necessary (glass, resin, tools) a last minute glass project simply requires energy. This project had been nagging me for a while and it needs to be done before hull-deck bonding. Two layers of glass, 3 and 5 inch, both sides.

There is still one more glass project I need to do before deck bonding.

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