Forward Salon Glass-in

Weekend recap: seems the weekend was fairly productive. The two items on my list (pressure washer and tank locker install), which were weather dependent, could not be done due to… weather. It was raining most of the weekend save for a couple short breaks here and there.

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I did manage to get the forward salon supports all glassed in (see picture, more in the “Latest Activity” slide show, to the right).

As these pieces are not structural (they only hold up the settee and the cabinet), two strips of glass, 3 and 5 inches wide, both sides, with a half inch foam fillet.

This glass-in, plus a couple small strips of glass installed under the side decks behind the galley counter, represent the last of the “hull glassing” planned for the forward end of the boat. All bulkheads, supports, floors, etc are in. One exception is the forward head, which may require a bit more glassing, is waiting pending final mechanical design. Otherwise, the remaining glass-in areas are in the aft cabin, which are waiting on tank locker and steering installation.

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