More Thru-Hulls

More thru-hulls/seavalves installed this week (about a year ago I did the cockpit drains):

  • Forward bilge pump discharge (forward salon, at the waterline)
  • Aft bilge pump discharge (aft cabin, at the water line)
  • Grey water tank discharge (tunnel, amidships, just aft of the galley, below the waterline)

All Forespar Marelon 1 1/2″ Series 93 seavalves.

During the installation of the forward bilge pump discharge thru-hull, it became clear that the seavalve lever (the lever that CLOSES the valve) would be interfering with the backrest of starboard forward settee. These seavalves are of the “90 degree” type, meaning the hose input to the valve is on a 90 degree elbow, which is nice for constrained and compact spaces (which this is). However, it would be better if I could rotate the hose barb elbow to the valve lever by 90 degrees, which would give just enough clearance for the lever, behind the settee.

So, I had to take apart the assembly to rotate the hose barb elbow. I must admit hesitation when I ran into the bright orange labels saying “may void warranty if label is broken”, meaning someone doesn’t want you taking these things apart. Just like when you see those BIG labels on your mattress or pillows that say DO NOT REMOVE yadda, yadda. Like the “Mattress Police” will come knockin’ on your door should you remove the label.

Then it occurred to me “what warranty?” I mean, if I have a problem with this boat, who am I going to take it to for “warranty work”. Uh, myself, right? My guess is Forespar puts them there as these are used as OEM parts on some production boats (with warranty). So, gasp, I broke the dreaded orange labels! How’s that for living on the edge??

Which means, I finally got to see one of these things taken apart. Very simple design that makes them easy to service. Especially over the traditional bronze tapered plug seacocks. They also include a special plug for the port opening so that one can plug the hole allowing a complete dismantle and service of the valve assembly without sinking the boat while still in the water. Very cool.

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