Engine Room Hatch is IN!

In the spirit of trying to cut as many holes in the deck before the rainy season starts… the engine room hatch has now been installed.

Hinges in. Functional hatch.

Without such a hatch, should you ever need to quickly get into the engine room from the cockpit, you would need to scramble down the companionway, go through the galley, through the tunnel, into the aft head, to the door to the engine room. With this addition, you can open the hatch and drop right in. If you fit that is. I better not gain any more weight or else this may be useless.

The flange that supports the hatch and provides the pathways for the water drainage was built from Coosa. The CNC machine was used heavily to provide the template for the cutout and for cutting the pieces of the flange. Edges were rounded over on the “manual” router table, and the whole thing assembled in place and glued in with thickened epoxy and thru-bolts.

Final sanding, trimming and paint, as well as choice of latch mechanism, will be done when the deck is refinished (not this year).

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