The Garbage Chute

On the Westsail 42, the way the center cockpit is laid out, there exists a “notch” space inside where one leg of the cockpit settee wraps around to the front on the starboard side, to the right of the companionway. This notch is normally walled off with something non-structural, and most Westsail 42s cover this up with a removable panel that holds the electrical DC distribution switches. In front of this panel is the cabinet that has counter space holds the galley sink.

Looking into the “notch” created by the cockpit settee.

Rather than wall off the notch (we are putting the DC electrical control elsewhere) we have decided to extend the galley sink countertop into this space providing more counter space area and (hopefully) “opening up” the otherwise cramped space as you move toward the tunnel. Doing this leaves somewhat wasted space in the engine room, beneath this counter extension.

Looking down into the “garbage chute”. Bottom trap door for quick/easy access to seacock.

The partitioning wall in the engine room. Cockpit and sink drain plumbing in the foreground

The space could be used for some small shelf storage, but instead we are designating this the waste bin. By installing non-structural partion walls, it is big enough to hold your standard tall kitchen garbage bag.

Retaining ring for the trash bag.

Trash bag lining the retaining ring.

Ring, with bag, is slid into the rails.

Side view. Finish cabinetry will see an access door here.

Using some extruded aluminum rails and a cut-to-fit plywood, the garbage bag is held securely in place. The finish counter top over the bin will have a removable cutout to drop through the galley waste.

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