Special ordered over three months ago, and just in time for the new year, my two sheets of King E-Board came in. This is from the same company that makes King Starboard (a handy, plastic material that can be cut and assembled like plywood).

E-board is designed to simplify wiring and plumbing installations. It is a 4×8 sheet of 3/16″ polymer plastic that has little raised “loops” molded into it that can be threaded with a zip tie. My idea is to clad the engine room with this stuff, then run the wiring and plumbing over it using zip ties. The motive behind this is that, over time, I fully expect “redo” wire runs and plumbing as equipment is added and removed. Having this stuff on the engine room walls will make the job easy. Just snip the old zip ties, remove or re-run the wire and hoses, with new zip ties. No more chewing up the walls with tapping screws for cushion clamps or other sorts of attachment doo-dads.

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