Galley Cabinets Are In!

Well, the carcases at least. This is one of those projects that has been “sitting in the corner and ignored” for a while now. The modular frames for the drawers and behind counter storage are now installed permanently. All plumbing runs behind the frames have been installed. There should be no reason to get behind there for the rest of the build.

White painted carcases fitted and secured in place

Some features of this assembly:

  • accessible storage behind counters, under side decks, lower, against hull (nearly dead space)
  • accessible storage underneath bottom drawers, against hull (nearly dead space)
  • space and plumbing service for future (?) dishwasher and washer/dryer. Plumbing and fittings fully accessible
  • plenty of internal air vent holes to promote air circulation
  • accessible upper space, under the side decks, for electrical wiring runs

The drawers seen in the pictures are sample drawers. I have been testing cutting and assembly techniques for the drawer boxes. Generally the tests have gone well and I have learned a lot about which small details affect the final assembly.

Sample drawers fitted

This is also an experiment with different face frame styles. The left and right cabinets are slightly different. I think the one on the right is best.

Left and right drawers have different face frame styles

As you can see the drawers are already taken over by tools and parts used during the build. Its very handy to store fasteners, plumbing fittings, hose clamps, etc on board without going back and forth to the shop. Consider it an ongoing storage experiment!

Final drawers and face frames are next once we have decided on an interior design (wood species, colors, etc).

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