Various Bits

Its freezing outside and there is snow on the ground, thus it is too cold to spray paint the settee bits. With that on hold I am advancing smaller projects that can be done inshop/inboat (in proximity to the space heaters!). Many of these are in-work, but are oh-so-close to being done.

Domestic Water Tubing Runs
The tubing has been routed along the sides of the boat to the forward head (both port and starboard sides) and the starboard galley cabinets for (future?) dishwasher and washer/dryer service. Also installed along the port side are the heater water hoses for the hydronic heating system.

red/white/blue water hose runs

Galley Cabinet Carcases 
Up till now these have just been dry fitted. Next is making the permanent attachment. All plumbing service has been installed behind the cabinets and there should be no more reasons to get behind there. So, permanent install can commence. As they are held in mechanically with numerous bolts, they can still be removed if needed, but as far as I can see, they can stay for the remainder of the build.

One of the cabinet carcases. Note the red/blue hot/cold water hose.

Ducting for Air Conditioning
I almost forgot this one. We are designing space for future AC units. The forward salon will be cooled by a 4 inch duct running behind the settee backrests, so I need to get 4 inch holes cut to accommodate.

Four inch vent ducting.

E-Board in the Engine Room
This one has yet to be started. All engine room projects are blocked until this is done. Holding this up is finding an adhesive method compatible with the plastic. While the e-board will be held to the walls with screws, I also want to spot some adhesive behind it as well. I do not believe epoxy will work on this plastic. Some possibilities I can think of include: methacrylate (Plexus) adhesive, 3M Super-77 (or Hi-strength 90) spray adhesive, or plain double sided tape(?). I need to run some compatibility tests with the various the glues.


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  1. January 24, 2012 at 2:33 pm

    Don't forget to insulate that 4" AC duct so it doesn't sweat.

    Bill Kelleher

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