All Charged Up And Nowhere to Go

The 24V DC 30Amp battery charger is in place and functional. No real setup. Just wire it in, throw the switch on the AC panel, and push the charger’s “on” button. It just “works”. Can’t complain.

Battery charger in “bulk charge” mode on the 245Ah battery bank.

Still to be wired: remote battery temperature sensor (the charger is more efficient with it connected) and the Masterbus network connection.

The charger draws about 8-9 amps AC when in “bulk charge” mode.

Initial observations are that the charger does give off a bit of heat when in “bulk charge” mode. It has an internal exhaust fan that was running at full tilt and you could feel the heat with the back of your hand. So I suspect anything one can do to improve air circulation around the charger would be a good thing.

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