Pulling More Wire (Still)

Last weekend saw more wire being pulled. This is the last of the “bug stuff.” Size 4 AWG cable was run to the four “corners” of the boat for the 24VDC “legs”. This means two runs of wire, +(red) and -(yellow), were pulled.

More wires run to the engine room. It is becoming a jungle.

Thanks to reader Claudio in Italy who, suggested the 8AWG wire I started pulling some weeks ago, might be a bit too small, even though 8AWG is big enough for the devices planned. One feature of distributed power systems is the flexibility to easily add (unplanned) devices. So you want the reserve current carrying capacity of the larger wire. Of course that is one thing I should have known, but sometimes one needs things pointed out. So, the 8AWG wire has been replaced by larger 4AWG.

8AWG replaced with 4AWG for starboard forward leg.

With wire, when in doubt, cut longer of course. Best to be too long and trim back instead of too short and  splice in more.

Cable drops above the cabinets in the forward salon.

And finally, three wires of 6AWG (white, black, green) was run from the engine room to the planned location of the shore power connector. The reason for the large wire here is to accommodate 50amp AC service. Though we are likely to start with 30amp. Again, best to have the “reserve capacity”.


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