Final Floors: Part I

The current floorboards have been around since the early days of the project (once floor supports were installed). They were cut from cheap non-marine grade C/D-X plywood, and have been trimmed/cut over time to accommodate things as the build evolved. Included in that evolution was the addition of dirt, paint and resin drips.

Nice clean boards in the main salon

This last weekend I cut the final floor boards for the entire boat. This time with marine grade B/C 3/4-inch plywood. Care was taken with close measurements to ensure a good fit. Though these are the final boards, the floor is not “finished”. To protect the nice clean smooth surfaces of the boards, everything has been covered with a couple layers of cardboard and masking tape.

Main salon floor protected with cardboard

Next Steps

The expected finish of the floors will involve

  • the lamination of a finished hardwood 1/4-inch plywood panel (species undecided at the moment)
  • cutout of under-floor access hatches/hardware installation 
  • final glue-in/fastening

On Finished Hardwood Plywood Panels

I like the traditional look of teak/holly strips (the admiral does not care for it). You can get this in a plywood sheet, though it is quite expensive.

2 comments for “Final Floors: Part I

  1. July 23, 2012 at 12:18 pm

    We put bamboo in our living room. Love it. Hard as nails and wears well. The type we have is the end grain up, you don't see the joins where the sections of bamboo join up.

    I would seriously consider putting it in our project except it's heavy. If weight isn't an option it's well worth considering.


  2. Anonymous
    July 24, 2012 at 12:07 am

    Bamboo…I have used it several times. BEWARE. buy a little and lay it. If it is a finished product and the nail swells it just a little..bye bye finish above nail. Looks great but a little odd to work with.Just sayin' Colin

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