Main Steering Gear Installed

It is done. Though I had all the parts last May, I dragged my feet when it came to getting sticky with more resin and fiberglass. There was a time when I enjoyed it, but I don’t really care much for fiberglass work. Lets just say I had to mentally prepare myself for glassing in the interior framing for the steering mechanism.

Anyways, the pictures show how things went in. Disassembly is reverse of installation…

Everything framed in with fresh paint. It will never look this clean again. The cylindrical thingy (technical term) around the shiny stainless steel rudder post, glassed to the hull, houses the self aligning roller bearing.


Neoprene gaiter double clamped to the rudder post and the bearing housing. Made from 5/16 inch neoprene, this gaiter keeps the ocean out of the boat (though at this point we should be 10-12 inches above the real waterline.


Mounting rails, thru-bolted to the framing, to accept the main reduction gear assembly.


Main reduction gear assembly, lowered onto and bolted to the rails. 


Tiller arms attached to rudder post and reduction gear output shaft.


Drag link added connecting the two tiller arms.


Upper UHMW bearing slipped onto the top and bolted to the framing.

The only thing left now is installation of the pedestal, wheel and linkage in the cockpit. A real easy task compare to this part of the installation. Perhaps next spring.
Final tuning will include shortening the drag link up a bit and installing rudder stops.

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