Another Grab Bag Weekend

Lots of little things done… no major tasks finished…

Engine Exhaust Port

With the steering gear and supporting framing installed, I was able to spot the engine exhaust port. With the boat being a center cockpit design, and the engine more amidships, finding the space to route the exhaust aft can be difficult. I have seen some Westsail 42’s talke the easy rounte and vent out the port side. But we want to get the exhaust as aft as possible. I managed to find a spot about 12 inches above the (expected) waterline, while still keeping a gradual downward slope in the exhaust hose.

This is a Vetus rubber exhaust port for a 2 3/8 inch exhaust tube. It is clamped to the hull with a stainless trim ring and six machine screws. More on this later.

Mizzen Mast Compression Post

As with the main mast, it is a 3 inch diameter polished stainless steel tube. There is a wire chase slot on the lower end for mizzen mast electrical bits.

Little Portlights

We now have two 3 by 10 inch “mini” portlights mounted on the front cabin trunk. Opening these while streaming into the wind should provide a little breeze through the boat.

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