Headliner/Hull Liner Material

While we do not particularly care for fabric or vinyl coverings inside the boat, there are a few places where this stuff makes sense. In particular the hull side of the master bunk. Factory Westsails often had teak strips cladding the inside of the hull. While I don’t mind the look, if I am sleeping in the bunk on a cold evening, I would rather have my skin occasionally press against something soft on the side of the hull. Bare fiberglass or teak cladded lining might be a bit uncomfortable.

Enter flexible headliners and hull liners. We purchased a number of samples from the folks at Sailrite. There are two types: foam backed vinyl and synthetic short fuzz fabric (often called “rat fur”). Sailrite has only a few colors: variants of white or beige. The admiral hates the “rat fur” citing it too difficult to clean, and would rather have smooth vinyl. I, on the other hand, the likely one sleeping against the hull, and would rather have rat fur against my skin.

This stuff is also found in RVs. Anyone know of other sources besides Sailrite?

Rat fur samples

Vinyl Samples

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