Subfloor Lighting / Steering Gear Tweaks

Yes, we are still here. Some various life events have slowed work on the Westsail. We still have barn rennovations and yard fence repair/replacment going on. But the good news is the new shop is to the point where we can start building stuff. Small boat projects are still happening…

Some tweaks and adjustments to the aft cabin steering mechanics are complete. In the process I have added subfloor lighting (for those times when one has to get under the floors to check things on dark stormy nights). The following pictures also illustrate the assembly of the steering mechanism.

Rudder post with neoprene gaiter. There is a self-aligning tapered roller bearing inside there.

Reduction gear assembly bolted into place.

Tiller arms installed

Draglink connecting tiller arms.

Upper UHMW rudder post bearing bolted in.

Subfloor lighting illuminating the steering gear.

Steering tube, prop shaft (shaft seal eventually). Mizzen post to the right.

Aquadrive, steering shaft. Exhaust silencer/lift will go here eventually.

All covered up by fresh painted aft bunk boards.

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