Delamination Repair Recipe

Ingredients and Utensils

  • epoxy with slow catalyst
  • plastic mix cups
  • mixing sticks
  • syringes
  • plenty of rags
  • cheap masking tape
  • cordless drill with bit slightly bigger than syringe tip
  • torpedo level
  • small ballpeen hammer
  • black sharpie
  1. Take the hammer and tap the deck to identify the extent of the delaminated area. Try and find the center and move out in various directions. Mark the edges with the sharpie.
  2. Using the torpedo level, identify the ‘low’ and the ‘high’ side of the delaminated area. Two holes must be drilled. One to inject the syringe, one to let the air escape (displaced by the epoxy). The epoxy will flow to the low side due to gravity. 
  3. Mix up some epoxy and inject in the hole on the low side. Once epoxy exits from the high side, the void should be pretty much filled.
  4. When confident the void has been filled, wipe off excess epoxy and tape the holes with masking tape to keep epoxy from oozing out.
Epoxy injection
Light “splotches” within the dark areas of the cabin top are delaminated areas.
The areas near the port side turn of the cabin top (lower “strip” in the picture) were quite large. The aft part of the area took about 600cc of epoxy.