Prepping for Paint: Various Tasks

The big task this summer will be hull paint, if everything goes smoothly and weather cooperates. Numerous tasks for preparation:

Sacrificial Coat of Paint for the Deck

The original cracking gelcoat nonskid has been stripped off. This leaves the underlying laminate exposed to the sun/UV. One doesn’t want to leave this exposed for long periods as the UV will breakdown and weaken the laminate. Probably not an issue on this boat given the thick laminate schedule, but I just assume avoid it. The solution is a single sacrificial coat of white paint. Just a basic exterior enamel. This will provide protection from UV until we are ready to finish the deck (maybe next spring). Then the paint will be sanded off as part of preparation. The white color also makes for a cooler deck in the summer, yet makes for slippery conditions when wet. Ultimate care is required when moving around on deck.

Caprail Material Failure Removal

A couple years ago, I installed a plastic teak substitute (PlasTeak) for the caprail. Now, it is an ultimate failure. While it installed easily and looked great, after a year of hot/cold cycles, the edges began to split where there was more than a slight bend. I had originally intended to paint around it, but the failure requires removal entirely. This will make painting all that much easier as I don’t have to worry about taping the caprail.

As a result I have decided to glass over the hull/deck joint for strength and maximize resistance to water intrusion.

New Boarding Stairs

The original, narrow, weakening boarding stairs when up along the port side right against the hull blocking access to a large area. A new set of boarding stairs have been built at the stern, starboard side, with a landing where the upper section of the stairs can be pulled away from the boat to provide access to the hull surface. The new stairs are wider and sturdier and should well serve the remainder of this project. Removal of the old stairs will finally give me access to finish the port side deck drain which is still in a temporary state.

Removal of the old stairs will allow completion of the perimeter scaffold that gives easy access to the hull side during painting.

More later…