Hull/Deck Joint Glassed, Too Late for Paint, Forward Head

Well, it looks like we missed our weather window for hull paint. Temperatures are too cold. Not a big deal as it seemed most of the summer was a bit humid anyway (not rainy, but a bit sticky). Oh well, with the semi-permanent scaffolds and new stairs built around the boat, we are ready for paint next year as soon as weather permits.

We did manage to glass the hull to deck joint. After removing the failed PlasTEAK caprail (experiment?) we decided to glass over the joint to improve strength and resistance to leaks. I wont bore you with the technical details, but will say the job goes smoother by wetting out glass first then laying on the joint, instead of laying out dry glass and wetting it in place. The latter tends to be more messy if you are not careful (epoxy drips over the side).

Starboard side. Wetted first, then laid down.

Port side. Laid down dry, then wetted. Shown with sacrifical paint.

View from the hull side showing the rough cut edges

So for now we will leave the glassed-over caprail in place, unfaired and rough on the edges until the time comes to finish the deck. Until then, the caprail will get a sacrificial coat of paint to protected it from UV.

Forward Head

With the cool weather upon us, time to focus back on the interior. Specifically, the forward head, which, until now, has been completely empty. So far we have roughed in cabinet faces and approximated the ‘settee height’ for the toilet. Current thoughts are to build a equal height settee around the toilet. The picture shows a temporary plywood cutout as a rough approximation.

Testing settee and bowl placement

Vanity and sink will go here

Earlier in this blog you saw me write about the Dometic VacuFlush system for head plumbing. Well I have changed my mind in favor of something simpler. Specifically, the Raritan SeaEra macerating toilet. Reason for decision: I would rather not deal with complex repairs of the VacuFlush in my old age! We have a Raritan head on the small boat and have never had a problem in 20 years. I am hoping the SeaEra will perform as well. We have one on order, should be here in a week or so.

More when it happens.