November Update

With the cold wet weather upon us, focus shifts back to the interior. This time starting with the v-berth and forward head.

The V-berth is being planned as more of a “garage” for storage of stuff (sails, fenders, etc.). Stuff that could be wet and dirty. With that in mind, primary features are that it is well lit (to find stuff) and easy to clean. Does not need to be fancy and ornate. The first attempt was to put up plastic laminate on the bulkheads and cover the foam insulated hull sides and under-foredeck with a good quality vinyl. Then trim with hardwood.

V-berth before vinyl

V-berth after vinyl, some hardwood trim dry fitted.

Well, besides difficulties on laying up the vinyl in some areas, the compartment was looking like a sea of beige. The overwhelming color and given the vinyl was telegraphing every slight deformity of insulation on the hull sides, we have decided to go a bit traditional and clad the sides with strips of hardwood.

Which brings up the topic of tools. The current table top saw is just not big enough (size and power) to rip one and a half inch thick planks of hardwood. The most recent black friday gave an opportunity to remedy this with a new 3HP 220v table saw. which should see much use immediately.

New table saw replaces old table top saw

On to the forward head The base for the toilet has been constructed and fitted allowing plenty of room for plumbing runs. The shower sump is under design with a planned plywood mockup. Actual construction material may be G10 fiberglass sheet and Coosa with a gelcoat finish. Interior finish is undetermined, but we are leaning to some sort of plastic laminate.

Final position of head. Space for shower sump shown.

That is all for now!