Slackin’ and V-Berth Update

Wow, I have really been slackin’ on posting blog updates. I will make a concerted effort here to catch up on the various paralell projects in the next few posts.

The v-berth, aka “the garage” is mostly trimmed in. As per the last post, we decided to clad the hull sides with strips of hardwood, a somewhat traditional style. We originally set out to “keep the v-berth quick, easy and simple”, since we expected it to act as the garage to store stuff. But tastes got in the way and the direction took a more “finished” and “detailed” direction. After having planed, ripped, planed, routed, fitted, and varnished each individual strip, I realized the v-berth may very well end up the compartment with the most labor hours spent. So much for quick and simple.

A few more trim bits are still being fitted where the v-berth meets the forward head.