Aft Cabin Head: Cabinet Installation

Progress on the aft cabin head: cabinet installation. This is a section of the aft cabin where space for the head is separated from the master bunk by a ‘wedge’ shaped area. It is the space highlighted in red on the drawing below.

Original CAD drawing plan

Besides providing cabin partition and storage space, the cabinets conceal mechanical and electrical bits, including:

  • aft bilge pump discharge plumbing/thru hull
  • flush deck dive tank storage/lazarette
  • engine wet exhaust hose/gooseneck (2 3/8 inch diameter)
  • shore power main breakers, isolation transformer, etc.
  • 75 feet of 30 amp shore power cord, deployed/retracted by a Gendinning CableMaster unit
  • hot water heater hose for the aft cabin hydronic heating
  • 24 VDC distribution for aft cabin and mizzen mast loads

All of the above bits had to be finalized in their installation. There is access to these items through the cabinets for regular maintenance. If, at any time, major work or replacement is necessary, the cabinets can be disassembled for full access.

In the corner, between the cabinet faces, will be a pedestal for the aft head. At the moment, it is undecided as for what type of head. It could be a simple portable composting head (probably), or,  a full VacuFlush system (there is space behind one cabinet for all system components). To be determined later. Installation pictures below (please pardon the poor cameraphone pictures).

Finished cabinet face frames

This is the finished cabinet install. Hardwood finish trim to come later. The corner for the head pedestal is in the foreground between the two faces.

Access behind right cabinet face

Right hand side cabinet is empty. The black stuff is one inch thermal hull insulation. The upper space is large enough for a VacuFlush head system, or, space could be used for other appliances.

Equipment concealed by left cabinet face

This is the equipment behind the left hand cabinet face, before the internal shelves and face installed. Clockwise, starting lower left: main shore power breaker, isolation transformer (white box), 24V DC distribution (blue box), PVC conduit for Cablemaster, aft bilge pump plumbing (two pumps, discharge thruhull beneath), dive tank lockers behind plumbing), 75 feet of 30 amp shore power cord (yellow cord at the bottom).

Equipment access through left lower door.

This shows the cabinet access to the lower bits. Switches are easily accessible. Also includes an AC outlet.

Equipment access through left upper door.

This shows upper cabinet access. There is internal LED lighting. Bilge pump vented loops on the right. Mizzen mast compression post is to the left (just out of the picture). Aft cabin and mizzen mast DC loads will be homed to this cabinet, to plug into the blue DC distribution box.

Next for this space: small vanity sink, and person-door into head area.

2 comments for “Aft Cabin Head: Cabinet Installation

  1. Kobin
    July 22, 2018 at 5:27 pm

    Cool glad I found this blog! I love the Westsail 42 and finishing one from a bare hull is my dream… just don’t have the time. Since you have the CAD drawings, have you considered making the interior panels on a wood CNC machine?

    • builder
      July 25, 2018 at 9:49 pm

      Hello! Thanks for the comment!
      Yes, we do in fact have a CNC router table. It usually gets used one way or another on most projects. Even if it is just cutting jigs. There are posts in the archives about the building of the CNC machine.

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