Finish Flooring/Cabin Sole Style Decision

Before the main salon dinette base cabinets can go in permanently, we need to decide on a type of flooring to go underneath. This must/will dictate/match the flooring style throughout the rest of the boat.

We thought about a number options, from plywood (too plain) to engineered vinyl (too ugly). I (the captain) wanted something like a “traditional” teak and holly strip. Besides the traditional look, I like it as it breaks up what otherwise would be large areas of ‘solid’ color. Also, longitudinal lines in the interior gives the illusion of length and spaciousness. The admiral (my wife), however, was not so keen as most teak and holly plywoods, besides being expensive, are predominately dark with dark teak being the dominate color. An overall design and style requirement is that we do not want the boat interior to be a “dark cave.” A traditional teak and holly floor would just contribute darkness.

So as a compromise, we settled on teak and holly strip planking except have the pattern inverted. That is, the holly is the widest strip and teak the narrowest. Of course this is not real teak and holly, but mahogany and maple to match the existing wood in the cabinetry. This will be constructed with solid wood, jointed traditional tongue and groove, and be about half to three quarters inch thick.

The floor underneath the dinette table is the first area to get the finish.

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