Main Salon Dinette Settee Base Cabinets

The building of the main salon dinette has begun. The base settee cabinets have been assembled, painted and varnished. The style is in keeping with the style plan: faces are varnished mahogany plywood with 4 inch kerfed radius for the corners. Cabinet framing is marine plywood with a couple coats of paint.

The forward settee base is pretty basic: divided into two compartments with access to storage underneath. The aft settee is a a bit “purpose built” for a couple accommodations. It has the bottom strategically “cutout” to get access to storage in the riser cabinets underneath (side access will be blocked by somewhat permanent cabinetry, access from the top through the base cabinet will usually be the easiest). Also divided into two compartments, the port side compartment is specifically sized to house the boiler unit for the planned hydronic heating system. Related to that is a small dead space between the base cabinet and adjacent bulkhead where the existing fuel fill and future coolant hoses for the boiler will run.

Next to do in this area is finish flooring atop the riders and preparation of plumbing for the hydronic heat

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