Prop Shaft, Coupler, Shaft Seal

The aft cabin sole flooring is assembled and being varnished in the shop. Therefore, tasks under the aft cabin flooring need to be as complete as possible. One task is the propeller shaft, shaft seal and shaft coupler. 

The stern tube, cutless bearing and AquaDrive were previously aligned and installed. New longer navy brass bolts replaces the originals to give enough ‘stud’ for the bonding wire. The green wire in the picture bonds the stern tube to the shaft via shaft brush. The shaft will be protected by zinc on the Max-Prop (model undecided). The shaft seal is a PSS Type A with water injection.

The shaft split coupler has numerous coats of ‘volvo green’ engine paint. A liberal coat of Corrosion Block covers the mating surfaces of the AquaDrive and coupler. A generous amount of Tef-Gel coats the mounting bolts to keep them from seizing as it may need removal in the future. 

A “Water Witch” solid state electronic bilge pump switch is installed as a backup to the mechanical float switch (installed previously).


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