Rudder Construction and Installation

  • The rudder was designed and engineered by an N.A.  from R.H Perry’s office in mid-2000s. 
  • The construction is Airex C3 foam core over a 316 stainless steel frame, sheathed in five layers of 1708 bi-axial glass, resin infused with vynil-ester
  • The lower pintle is of 316 aquament into a cast bronze rudder shoe. The shoe is thru-bolted to lower skeg using 6 navy brass bolts. A quarter inch thick UHMW round acts as a slide bearing between the pintle an rudder shoe
  • The upper rudder post is of 316 aquamet and runs through 60mm self-aligning tapered roller bearing (above the waterline) housed in a machined tube of G10 that is glassed to the hull with epoxy and three layers of biaxial glass.
  • Water is blocked using a flexible tapered neoprene gaiter clamped to the bearing housing tube and rudder post