Review: Electrical

All wiring uses marine grade tinned copper wire. All connectors are crimp style with heatshrink (either with the connector for ring terminals, or sleeved for battery lugs). Some critical connections are soldered and insulated with heatshrink.

DC Electrics

The primary house DC electrical supply is 24VDC with a step down converter to provide for the occasional 12VDC loads. Shore power AC supply is 30A maximum, through an isolation transformer.

Primary house batteries are located in a compartment under the floor in the main salon. Two pair of 2/0 battery cable run from the battery box, aft to a main terminal block mounted on the bulkhead in the engine room.

24VDC is distributed throughout the boat using Mastervolt Masterbus, with a master fuse at the main shunt. DC power to master bus is switched by a remotely operated manual battery switch located in the engine room.

Distribution Masterbus DCD-100 switch modules are located in the following areas (each can switch up to ten loads)

  • aft cabin (behind master berth headboard)
  • forward salon, port side
  • forward salon, starboard side
  • engine room (one 24VDC and one 12VDC)

There are two “traditional” DC distribution panels located in the engine room to provide non-Masterbus switching loads:

  • one 24VDC panel with eight positions
  • one 12VDC panel with three positions

AC Electrics

Shore power is supplied via 75 feet of three conductor 30A rated cable. The cable is deployed via a Cable-Master that stows the cable below decks when not in use.

The following devices are wired from the shore power cable connection to the main AC distribution panel in the following order:

  • self-resetting GFCI
  • 30A master breaker switch
  • 30A isolation transformer

A 30 amp three bank charger provides battery charging when connected to shore power.

There is an AC source selector switch to provide switching between shore power AC and onboard AC inverted from DC.

There are two AC distribution panels located in the engine room:

  • one with eight positions that can be source selected between shore power or inverter (via switch previously mentioned)
  • one with three positions that is wired through shore power only