Review: Cabin Heater

Cabin heating is provided via diesel fired hydronic system (Hurricane Zephyr).

A main diesel boiler heats coolant that circulates through marine grade heater hose, around the boat, through fan powered radiators, providing ambient heat.

There are three zones with radiators and thermostats:

  • forward head
  • forward salon
  • aft cabin

The boiler is located under the aft dinette settee. The air supply and exhaust run up behind the settee backrest, though a muffler, and out the side of the cabin via a special dual vent fitting. The air supply and exhaust hoses include a riser ‘loop’ to keep moisture from backing into the boiler unit. There is a 24VDC draft assist fan drawing warm air from the enclosed space of the exhaust plumbing and into the engine room.

The supply and return hoses running the coolant run along the port side, behind settees and underneath side-deck cabinets.

The coolant supply and overflow tank are mounted on the bulkhead, the cabinet directly below the comapnionway doors. Also in this location is a 12VDC electric coolant circulation pump and a ball valve to switch heating between ‘winter’ (cabin heat) and ‘summer’ (hot water heat only) modes.

The boiler includes the following features

  • domestic hot water heating
  • heat assist via AC heater element (available only when plugged into shore power)
  • heat assist via propulsion engine coolant