Review: Fuel System


Diesel fuel storage includes three main supply tanks and two ‘day’ tanks (total capacity 253 gallons):

  • Center Main Tank-  under the floor of the main companionway, 95 gallons
  • Port Wing Tank- under the aft dinette settee and settee riser beneath, 60 gallons
  • Starboard Wing Tank- under the floor of the galley sink, 60 gallons
  • Forward Port Day Tank: 17 Gallons- to the left of aft dinette settee under the side deck cabinet
  • Aft Port Day Tank: 21 Gallons- to the left of aft dinette settee under the side deck cabinet

All tanks include pickup tube, fuel return port, vent port, and eight inch diameter inspection port.

The fuel deckfill is selectable to any one, or combination of main supply tanks.

Day tanks cannot be filled via deckfill (see fuel transfer below). 

Fuel supply sources and return destinations are selectable via manifold ball valves in the engine room. A dual Racor filter draws from the supply manifold and outputs up to three fuel destinations (engine, heater, aux). A fuel circulation pump draws fuel from the selected fuel source, the primary 30 micron Racor filter, through a 10 micron filter and returns to the selected fuel destination. There is a check valve between the circulation pump output, and return selection manifold. This system allows for fuel polishing and transfer from any one tank to another.

The intended use of the fuel system, under normal circumstances, is to draw fuel from the day tanks during voyages. Day tank consumption is monitored daily (hence the name ‘day’ tank) and, if necessary, refilled from the main supply tanks via fuel transfer pump. However, any one of the five tanks may be selected as the current fuel source if necessary.