Review: Steering Mechanism

Steering mechanism is of the transmission torque-tube type manufactured by Jefa Steering Systems (purchased through PYI Inc). A series of transmission tubes lead aft, from the center cockpit floor, through a series of bevel gears and U-joints. Rudder movement is actuated by a 7:1 reduction planetary gear assembly, through a tiller arm and drag link, to a tiller arm clamped to the upper rudder post.


The reduction gear is mounted to a custom aluminum plate, bolted to the boats interior framing. The reduction gear assembly is tilted to match the aft rake of the rudder post.

The reduction gear includes a 24VDC motor driven by an autopilot (FUTURE).

An upper slide bearing cut from UHMW, is bolted above, and in contact with, the rudder post tiller arm to limit vertical movement of the rudder.

Movement of the rudder gearing is actuated via torque through transmission tubes/shafts that run underneath the aft cabin floor, via a series of u-joins and bevel gears up to the floor of the cockpit and connected to the steering pulpit.