Bulkheads and Framing

* resin used for construction is vinyl-ester except where noted.

  • All bulkheads and support elements affixed to the hull are made of composite material (Coosa Board, resistant to rot).
  • All major and minor bulkheads/framing elements were initially tacked in with methacrylate structural adhesive before final glass tabbing.
  • Major bulkheads that separate compartment spaces are of 1.5 inch BW 26 Coosa Board and are tabbed in with at least 4 layers of 1708 biaxial glass, staggered every two inches, over a 0.75 inch foam fillet.
  • Minor support and framing elements are of 0.75 inch BW 26 Coosa Board, tabbed with three layers of 1708 biaxial glass, staggered every two inches, with a finger laid fillet of silica thickened resin.


  • all wiring uses ABYC approved tinned stranded copper wiring (Ancor or Cobra brand)
  • butt, ring, and battery lug connectors are sealed with heat-shrink (either supplied with the connector or added separately)
  • all voltages for house loads are 24 VDC except where noted 
  • house electric power distribution (24VDC and 12VDC) is provided with Mastervolt distributed power components (Masterbus)
  • general electrical components (buss bars, power posts, breakers, panels, etc) are of BlueSeas brand.
  • all wiring is, at minimum, 16 AWG (except where noted). CAT5e is used for Masterbus network communication.


Raw Water

  • raw water is supplied by a once inch seacock that feeds a strainer/manifold
  • three taps from the manifold, each with a ball valve, supply raw water to the necessary systems
  • the strainer/manifold is valved such that the water supply can be shutoff, and fresh water be directed through the strainer/manifold for the purpose of flushing raw water systems with fresh water 

Fresh and Raw Water

  • Fresh water is supplied by three stainless steel tanks, center (35 gallons), port and starboard wing (XX gallons)
  • Each tank can be completely isolated with each tank having a ball valve on the intake and discharge side
  • Fresh water is pressurized with a pressure pump/pressure tank system
  • Fresh water is pulled through two filter cartridges
  • Raw water is pressurized with a 1.9 GPH pressure pump.

Supply and Distribution

  • cold,hot and raw water is distributed via SeaTech polypropylene tubing and compatible fittings (a metric version of ‘PEX’, often used for houshold plumbing)
  • The SeaTech plumbing routes through a central manifold, where each branch of plumbing throughout the boat can be shut off
  • hot water is produced with an ITR Zephyr heating system (also supplies hydronic space heating)
  • raw, cold and hot water supplies: forward head/shower, aft cabin sink, galley sink  



  • Toilet discharge can be directed to a 27 gallon holding tank, or direct overboard
  • Toilet flush water can be selected from pressurized raw or cold fresh water
  • Holding tank can be emptied via deck fill or pumped (electric) direct overboard

Grey Water

  • Forward head shower sump can be pumped into black water holding tank, or direct overboard
  • Main galley sink can be diverted into 16 gallon holding tank (in bilge, center section), or direct overboard
  • Aft cabin sink empties directly into 16 gallon holding tank
  • Appliance (washer, dishwasher) empties into 16 gallon holding tank, or direct overboard

Hydronic Heating

  • three forced air radiators are installed throughout: aft cabin, forward head, main/forward salon
  • the coolant is heated with an ITR Zephyr heating unit and distributed to the radiators via marine grade heater hose
  • The ITR unit includes an expansion and overflow tank, the heating circuit can be bypassed via valves to disconnect cabin heating while still providing domestic hot water

Fuel System

  • Fuel is diesel stored in three main tanks: center (XX gallons), port and starboard wing (YY gallons each)
  • Fuel fill can be isolated to any one, or all, main diesel tanks by opening/closing a ball valve for each main taink
  • There are two ‘day’ tanks of 13 and 17 gallons
  • Fuel can be polished/transferred to and from any one of the five tanks, through a 120 gph Racor dual filter, via 2.6 GPM transfer pump 
  • There are three send/return lines from the filter assembly, with individual shutoff valves, to supply necessary devices