Forespar Compact Y-valve 1-1/2 inch hose


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Forespar Y-Valves are molded from high-strength non-corroding Marelon®. Y-Valves are an essential piece of equipment when the flow of water or other fluids are required to be conveniently diverted – as in a marine head application where a holding tank is utilized.
They are easily mounted to a bulkhead, or other surface.

The valves are operated by a simple 120 degree movement. Positive stops are provided between positions. Replacement parts are available. No need to remove hoses for repair or replacement of central diverter.

These valves are made of exceptionally strong, fiberglass-reinforced Marelon®. Marelon is both electrically and chemically inactive – making for easy installation, very low maintenance, and long service life for the end user, without the worry of possible corrosion over time. It is very light weight, has exceptional UV resistance, and will not freeze or become brittle with age.
Marelon exceeds ISO standards, is approved by the ABYC, and passes the same stringent Marine UL tests as bronze.

• Lightweight, yet extremely strong injection-molded parts
• Completely free from electrolysis or reaction to any metals – no electrical bonding required
• Completely free from any corrosion
• Minimal maintenance requirements – requires periodic lubrication
• Long term reliability
• This valve is also available with 3/4″ hose barbs by special order; call 800-426-6930
• Caution: For safety Y-Valves should not be installed below the waterline

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